Why You Should Join Chinese Tuition?

Joining Chinese tuition can bring you lots of benefits and save you lots of time, you probably already have experience sending your child to tuition classes and understand some of the benefits of joining chinese tuition lessons can have for your child. Both one-to-one tuition and group tuition are currently available and testimonials from students have proven the effectiveness of the chinese tuition lessons. If you are considering about whether to join chinese tuition classes, below are 10 reasons why you should join chinese tuition classes in Singapore.

1. You have difficulty understanding chinese passages.

Many students who join chinese tuition hope to find a tutor who will explain the meaning of words and phrases that are unfamiliar to them. Especially in chinese comprehension passages, since the accuracy of your comprehension answers depend largely on your understanding of chinese passages. Joining chinese tuition can allow you to ask about phrases and words that you do not understand.

However, a lot of time is needed for an average student to become proficient in chinese hence it is always advisable to start early and build a solid foundation by fully understanding basic words and phrases that commonly appear in passages. More advanced students will be able to speed read and pick up key points instantly. This of course, takes time and a lot of practice.

2. You want to build up your writing vocaulary

Singaporean students cannot compete with foreign students in terms of the breadth of vocabulary that they use in their writing. However, students can improve their vocaulary significantly after they join chinese tuition and their writing will improve tremendously. Many students use very basic chinese and phrases which can be replaced with more sophisticated words.

Through constant exposure and practice, they will learn how to expand certain sentences and add in more precise and elaborate words. Chinese tuition in Singapore will teach them how to avoid certain overused words that might sound cliche and switch to a more sophisticated writing style.

3. Communicate effectively

Many chinese students in Singapore come from english speaking homes with little to no exposure to proper Chinese. This deprived them of the chance of speak and listen to chinese which resulted in their inability to express themselves fluently and accurately. Additionally, students rarely take the initiative to read chinese books or listen to chinese news.

When they join chinese tuition singapore, they will have the chance to practice speaking chinese and listen to chinese passages being read. Even though chinese tuition timings are short, constant exposure to chinese can help them prepare for their oral examination which test their pronunciation and articulation of chinese passages.

4. Learn study tips for chinese

Improvement of results depends largely on the student’s effort to complete assignments and practice outside of tuition and school classes, hence I spend a portion of my time teaching students the best way to study chinese and more importantly, prepare for their exams. These tips include, following model exam answers, speed reading techniques, analysing model essays, etc. Study tips taught to students will also help them for other subjects such as English.

5. Creative writing skills

Essay is a big component in chinese exam, which is why I have special chinese tuition classes specifically for teaching creative writing skills. Upon joining chinese tuition for creative writing, students will be taught how to analyse questions for keywords and interpreting those keywords to ensure that their essay does not drift off (离题).

For lower primary school students, creative writing skills can also train their creative thinking which will be helpful in many other areas. Some of my students who join chinese tuition for creative writing are good at other components of chinese hence these classes can help boost their overall marks to an A.

6. You need study resource

The lack of study materials can hinder exam preparation and cause unnecessary worrying and frustration as students desperately try to find a solution to their problems before their exams. Joining chinese tuition in Singapore will solve that problem as we have tons of chinese study materials and resources from 好词好句 to 成语,彦语解释 and past year exam papers which are all available for download at the chinese study resource page.

7. Marking your answers

You might have chinese practice papers or assessment books at home. Though most of them come with answers, the answers are provided for reference to compare with your own answer. Having an experienced chinese tutor when you join chinese tuition can help you mark and vet your answers and determine the marks you get. For regular class assignments that do not come with answers, you are more than welcome to consult your chinese tutor(me) for marking.

8. Explaining model answers

Having model answers is often insufficient, students who want to learn from their mistakes should get a chinese tutor or school teacher to explain the rationale behind the answers. This applies particularly to difficult comprehension questions for higher chinese, where the question requires personal opinion and inference skills. The answer cannot be found directly from the passage hence depends on the student’s understanding.

9. Homework and project help

I am very willing to help students with their homework and school project when they have difficulty completing. Personally, I feel that school chinese teachers are not doing enough to assist students in their assignments and many schools focus more on English, maths and science although chinese has equal weightage as other subjects. Those who join chinese tuition by mdm zhu will know that I will not directly spoon feed students with the answer but rather, encourage them to think.

10. Diagnosis

For students who are already studying very hard and reading a lot but do not see an improvement in their results, they can consider consulting me. Chinese tuition in Singapore has the additional benefit of helping students identify their own weakness. From my experience, the most common mistake occurs in comprehension answers due to students not reading carefully. Students with other problems are welcomed to join me for a free trial lesson for group chinese tuition at my tuition centre.

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