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About myself

About Me

Hi people! My name is Mdm Zhu

I have been teaching primary and secondary school students chinese and higher chinese since 2000 and have helped hundreds of students all over Singapore improve their chinese language. My mission is to help Singaporean students master chinese language.

As a masters degree holder, ex-MOE teacher and founder of Gen-Y tuition centre (located at Tampines) , I believe I have the experience and resources to help you/your child achieve great results in Chinese.

Currently, I'm a full-time tutor giving one-to-one and group tuition to p1 - p6, sec 1 - sec 4 chinese and higher chinese students. I also produce study notes, learning materials for students to assess online.

Mdm Zhu Peiling

Full-time tutor, Ex-MOE teacher, Tuition centre owner

Contact me through the form & I will reply asap. OR Call me at 98008926

Our Locations:
1) 271 Bukit Timah Road #02-07 Balmoral Plaza S259708
2) Blk 201B Tampines St 21 #01-1067 Singapore 522201
3) 684 Hougang Ave 8 #02-979, Singapore 530684
About Me

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How Chinese Tuition Singapore Can Help You?


Chinese Tuition Singapore

Are you troubled by your mediocre or lacklustre chinese results? Have you tried studying for chinese but your results does not reflect your effort? Is your chinese school teacher doing enough to help you to improve your chinese? If you are facing troubles with chinese, you are not alone, many students in Singapore find chinese exams very difficult. Chinese tuition in Singapore can make the learning process easier. Having taught hundreds of students chinese in schools, homes and my tuition centre, I can conclude that chinese tuition is needed by many students and it can help improve your chinese grades and overall grades. Below are some benefits which chinese tuition can provide you with.

Exam-Oriented Lessons

All my chinese tuition lessons are designed to prepare my students for their chinese exams. There are many mistakes students make when studying for chinese, ineffective study method, lack of study resource and wrong study technique are among the study mistakes made by students. The tuition lesson time that I have with my students is relatively short, hence by focuing on exams, I can raise the chinese results of my students in a short time.

Keeping up with the latest chinese exam format is very important, hence preparing the students for exams will make them exam smart and teach them to study effectively. The MOE syllabus is constantly changing hence both students and parents have to be updated with the latest syllabus and exam format for chinese and higher chinese paper.

Ample Exam Practice

Many components of chinese require ample practice in order to excel, e.g. essay, situational writing, comprehension, etc. As a result, unlike many tuition centres, we provide students free access to the large collection of past year exam papers from 2007 to 2013.

During exam periods, there will be more rigorous practice. All answers will be provided and answers will be explained. I always encourage my students to study their mistakes and learn from the model answers. Extra lessons can be arranged before exams, during the revision period. There will also be crash courses for students who feel they need more practice and revision.

Effective Lessons

Students spend money on tuition and hence it is reasonable for them to expect lessons to be productive and that they learn something from the tuition lessons. Thus, I spend most of the time of my lessons explaining the errors made by the students and how they can improve.

Every student learns at a different pace, for both group and private tuition, lessons will be tailored to suit the needs of all students. I welcome feedback from parents and students who want me to change my teaching method. 95% of my students see an improvement in their results in 1 term, doing well in chinese is not hard!

Small Class Sizes

Larger classes tend to be noisier and harder to manage. I do not like teaching large classes because it is difficult to tend to every student, as a result, I keep my class size small. Maximum class size is 6 students so you can be assured that the learning environment is conducive.