Benefits of having chinese tuition in Singapore

Chinese is a subject many students stuggle with, most students who are weak in chinese usually just aim for a pass in their chinese exams. However, the chinese is just an important a subject as maths and science in the context of Singapore’s education system, scoring high grades in your mother tongue paper definitely helps improve your overall grade, for secondary school students, scoring in higher chinese paper gives them bonus points which they can use to enter into a better junior college. With that being said, many students find it difficult to improve their chinese grades despite them studying harder hence chinese tuition becomes a viable option for them. Chinese tuition in Singapore is relatively abundant and has been proven effective at improving the chinese results of students.

Constant exposure

Many singaporean students who are weak in chinese comes from english speaking homes hence do not have much exposure to chinese let alone constant exposure. The lack of speaking and reading chinese causes limited vocabulary, poor reading and understanding skills of chinese. Having chinese tuition forces students to speak and read chinese during the lesson, the additional homework that might be given also gives the student additional opportunity to read up on chinese materials at home.

Understanding skills

Most of the components in the chinese exam paper 2 tests your ability to understand the passage and answer the question. Understanding skills can improve through explanation or translation. A chinese tutor is useful in this aspect as he/she can provide explanation to unfamiliar phrases and words in the passage to aid in the understanding of the passage. However, a basic understanding of the language is required so that you can undertand the teacher’s explanation. Overtime as your vocabulary improves, understanding chinese passages and answering questions will be much easier.

There is no substitute in understanding chinese words, which explains why many chinese teacher in schools spend most of the time explaining words in close passages. Even for multiple choice questions, if the student is unfamiliar with the words in the choices, there is little chance of him getting the answer right.

The problem comes when there is insufficient lesson time in schools for adequate exposure to new words and phrases. As it is very unlikely that examiners will set similar questions in exam papers, having more exposure to new words increases the chances of encountering the same word in the exam. Having a dictionary as a reference can also help tremendously but for most students who find it troublesome to refer to the chinese dictionary, having a chinese tutor explain the word to you is equally effective.

Learn exam techniques

Scoring in chinese exam paper also involves use of some techniques. For example, answering comprehension questions is a skill that can be learnt and has little to do with the student’s grasp of chinese. In chinese composition, creative writing skills is crucial in making the essay more interesting and accurately meet the demands of the question.

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