What Should I Read To Improve My Chinese?

While chinese tuition is effective at improving your standard of chinese, there are many students who prefer to work on their own. Some students have their own resources and time to study chinese at their own pace which might work better for some students. Nevertheless, those who are interested in getting the help of a chinese tutor can sign up here. Reading has been proven to be the most effective method to improving one’s mastery of any language. However, choosing the right reading source can yield more results in a shorter time. Below are some of the recommended reading sources and how to get them.

1. Exam papers

If you do not already have a set of exam papers, you should get one right now, head over to, they offer the most complete chinese exam paper set at the best price.

Chinese passages in chinese exam papers provide the best reading source possible. Those passages have been carefully selected by teachers to match the level of understanding of chinese expected of the students. Of course, the difficulty of passages might vary from one school to another. What I recommend is to read passages from chinese exam papers from the top schools. Those exam papers are often more carefully set and more aligned to national exams. Getting comfortable with more difficult chinese passages will expand your vocabulary and familiarity of sentence structure.

You can get free exam papers from our resource page as well. Often, chinese exam papers provided by schools insufficient for most students.


Very few chinese students in Singapore read chinese newspapers. Chinese newspapers are an excellent reading source which also has the ability to engage student’s interest and make the learning process fun.

If you’re lucky, your school might already provide newspaper subsciption on your behalf. Some newspapers are designed for primary and secondary school students. There are comprehension passages and questions in the newspaper, some even contain vocabulary and phrases.

Newspapers are an excellent reading source, however, consistency is very important. If reading newspapers daily is not possible, reading them once a week is a minimum if you want to see improvement in your results.

Da Mu Zhi newspaper is subscribed by many schools in Singapore. You can find out how to order here.

Online articles

Youths and teenagers spend a lot of time online hence online articles might be their preferred reading source. There are many chinese websites that offer daily updates of news, short stories and articles. Parents can encourage students to read online chinese articles via email subscription.

One thing to note when reading online articles is its credibility. Make sure to choose your online sources carefully. offers a wide range of reading material that students might be interested in.

Students might resist the idea of online articles as a reading source at the beginning, hence it might take some time for them to switch from reading English to Chinese.

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