Do you Need Chinese Tuition With Chinese Lessons in School?

Based on my experience as home tutor and tuition centre chinese teacher, many parents who are considering sending their children for chinese tuition ask me if their chinese lessons in school is enough, or do they need additional help. While not every chinese student needs chinese tuition, chinese tuition can be very helpful for some students, depending on a few factors: 1. Whether their chinese grades are satisfactory. 2. Whether their chinese school teacher is giving them enough practice and guidance and lastly whether they are keen on spending time to work on their chinese.

Depending on the chinese teacher, chinese lessons in schools can be effective as some teachers spend more time going through homework and practice papers. For upper primary and upper secondary students, especially Primary 6 and secondary 4 students, they will spend most of their class times doing papers and writing essays instead of listening to their teachers explain to them their errors.

From my chinese tuition experience, many teachers provide those students with answers to the practice as they do not have enough time to revise every question.

Teachers in some schools might prefer the quantity of practice over quality of practice. However, weaker students might find little benefits from doing the practicing paper after paper without someone to go through the answers with them. In chinese tuition, all answers will be explained to ensure that students understand their mistakes

As school classes are large, the chinese teachers have to pace their lessons according to the majority of the student’s needs. As a result, they do not have time to go into the details, to explain every chinese phrase. In chinese tuition, students can request for chinese words which they do not undertand to be explained. Since class size is a lot smaller for chinese tuition singapore, students get more individual attention.

Chinese Tuition Singapore Benefits

A key advantage of sending children to chinese tuition singapore is that students get to learn essential exam techniques, answering skills, creating writing skills that are not taught in schools. Chinese Exam skills and creative writing skills can improve your chinese grades tremendously.

Another advantage chinese tuition singapore is that additional lessons can be arranged before exams if the students feels that he needs more help. A one week crash course and 1 week revision camp will be organised before end of year exams and students who are interested can sign up. On the other hand, lesson timings are fixed and school chinese teachers rarely arrange for extra lessons or stay back for revision with their students.

Lastly, chinese tuition singapore has a large database of exam papers from different schools and exam papers set by top teachers for more challenging practice for the national exams (PSLE & O levels) where they may find difficult questions. The practice received in schools are often set by their own teachers hence may not reflect the difficulty expected in exams.

For students who need more help and find that chinese lessons in schools is inadequate or simply need more practice and close guidance, chinese tuition in Singapore would be a great option for them. If you wish to learn specific skills such as creative writing, comprehension, etc. You can contact 98008926 (Mdm Zhu) to learn more.

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