Most Effective Method to Instantly Boost Chinese Results

Is there a magic pill for those suffering from poor chinese results? Are you looking for an effective way to improve your chinese results? From my experience as a chinese tuition teacher in Singapore, there are certain study methods that are more effective than others. While there is no magical pill that can instantly improve your chinese results from D to an A, persistent application of the following methods will increase your likelihood of scoring an A veyr quickly.

A) Comprehension

Unlike all other sections, the comprehension section is the one that can make a difference to your overall chinese results in a short time (provided that you are not already scoring high marks for this section). There is skill and techniques involved in doing chinese comprehension which means that a student weak in chinese can score similar marks as a student who is proficient in chinese. While specific techniques and practice will be given at my chinese tuition classes, I will go through the brief method here.

1. Read carefully

Firstly, you should focus on reading techniques before anything else. Read carefully and read through the passage at least twice. Do not hurry into answering the questions, read through all the questions once before starting to answer them. This is because students tend to overwrite for one question without realising that the question after that is where the bulk of their answers should be. Writing too much may cause your answers to lose focus and you may be penalised for lifting (copying huge chunks of text directly).

2. Work on direct questions

The type of questions you should work on is direct questions to which answers can be copied directly from the passage. Direct questions takes up more than half of the comprehension question, hence securing high marks would guarantee a good grade for comprehension. However, it is surprising how many students lose marks for direct question. Reason is they think they have included all the points, fact is, they included too much irrelevant points and missed out on relevant ones.

Direct questions can be mastered by analysing keywords in the questions and investigating the passage (like how a setective examines a crome scene) thoroughly, look for clues and highlight relevant points. Then, paraphrase to the best of your abilities, try to reduce the numeber of words used without losing the meaning. Once you have conquered direct questions, you should move on to inferential and vocabulary questions. Your chinese results can be greatly improved if you master the comprehension section.

B) Learn from model answers

Be it comprehension or composition, model answers are the best resource for exam revision. Model essay books are a must-have in every chinese student’s study resource collection. The level and difficult of those model essay books that you should use would depend on your proficiency in chinese essays.

Model essay books

When studying model essay books, always have a highlighter and a pen and notebook at hand. Whenever you see a phrase or sentence that you think can be used in your essays, write them down in your notebook. Review your collection of sentences and phrases regularly so that you will remember them during exams. If you are lazy to read entire essays, we have filtered and compiled lists of chinese phrases which you can learn from at our study resource page.

However, do not be lazy when it comes to reading, try to read as much as you can. If time is not on your side, memorising chinese phrases, idioms and quotes would be the last resort to get a satisfactory result for your chinese essays.

You can contact me at hp: 98008926 or join my group tuition classes to learn about chinese books which I recommend.

C) Situational writing

Chinese situational writing for paper 1 is considered to be a giveaway by most teachers, provided that students make use of this component and not lose marks due to careless mistakes. Situational writing for chinese is very sturctured and often predictable. However, since it has lower weightage compared to composition in paper 1, students neglect this section causing wasteful loss of marks.

Techniques to score good chinese results is no different from doing well in english, the best strategy is consistent effort. If you are the type who do well with last minute revision, a little memory work may be required. Last but not least, read the questions and passages carefully and manage your time well during your chinese exam.

Wish everyone achieve their desired chinese results.

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