How Make Chinese Interesting to Learn?

One of the most challenging role of a parent or teacher is to kindle an interest in their child/student in the subject in learning. We all know the concept that you cannot force anyone to climb a ladder unless he/she is willing to climb it. By the same reasoning, many students are unwilling to study a subject unless he is interested in it. Chinese is a subject which many students find challenging due to a lack of interest, which can be remedied by building a strong flame of passion in the subject.

Most parents use the threat of punishment or the lure of rewards as motivation for their kids to study but these are far less effective methods compared to kindling an interest in your child in the subject. Firstly, punishment creates resentment in your child and has a tendency to whip off any personal motivation in your child to study for the benefit of learning. On the other hand, the use of rewards is only temporary and will lose effectiveness after some time. Getting your child interested in chinese is a difficult task, however, the benefits of doing so will definitely pay off in the long run. Below are some recommendations as to how a parent/teacher can cultivate an interest in learning chinese in their children/students.

1. A useful means of communication

The fundamental purpose of including chinese as a subject in schools and making it an examinable subject is to empower students with the abiloty to communicate fluently in chinese which has been growing in importance over the years. As such, students who recognise the purpose of learning chinese would then be less indifferent towards learning the subject.

What parents can do is to create a chinese-friendly environment at home for their children. In singapore, there is hardly any chinese family that does not include chinese in everyday speech although the extent to which the language is used varies from family to family. Families that are more inclined towards speaking chinese would thus raise children who are more aware of the importance of chinese as a means of communication. On the other hand, children from families that speak little chinese would be indignant towards learning the subject.

It is not difficult to encourage the speaking of chinese in a family. Parents can start by including a few phrases and gradually increasing the usage. Parents can also casually ask for translations of english words.

2. The lure of entertainment

hinese is a beautiful subject, its beauty is evident in its exemplary style of communication of the arts which includes music, movies and even poems. Of course, the most authentic expression of the language cannot be found in modern forms of entertainment however, youungsters are more likely to become interested in pop music and trending movies instead of archaic literary mediums.

There will at least be one chinese movie or one song or a chinese book which he enjoys reading which interests a child regardless of his/her inclination towards learning the subject. Further developing the interest by recommending more movies and music in the same genre or by the same actor/artist.

3. Engage an interesting chinese tuition teacher

An interesting chinese tutor can do wonders for your child. Many parents care only about results without realising that an interest in chinese is a prerequisite for scoring well in chinese exams as a result pick only experienced chinese tutors to burden their child with tons of assignments and papers to do.

An interesting chinese tutor need not be the most effective at teaching the technical aspects of the language however, he/she can make speaking chinese fun and using a lively and vivacious style of teaching, achieve the goal of sparking the flame in the children to motivate him/herself towards learning the language.

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