Mistakes Committed by All Students for Chinese

From my years of experience teaching chinese tuition and chinese lessons to both primary school and secondary school students there are several mistakes made by students that I have seen being repeated over and over by many of them. These include bad study methods and exam mistakes that causes poor chinese results. If you wish to improve your chinese grades in a short time, study the mistakes below and correct them if any of them applies to you.

Study Mistakes

Lets look at the common study mistakes made by students when they prepare for their exams. Wrong study technique is the reason why the results of most students stay the same.

1. Memorising words in textbook
Many primary school students who are unfamiliar with the new exam format make the mistake of studying their textbooks before their exams hoping that their exams will be the same as their spelling tests. Studying the textbook is useless and students should focus their efforts on practicing their answers.

2. Memorising essays
This is a common mistake made by students from levels, even secondary school students. For those who are very weak in chinese, they might resort to memorise entire essays hoping that they might come out for exams. This method is extremely ineffective and dangerous. First, examiners know the past year questions for composition and will try not to repeat the same questions. Secondly, many examiners have many model essay books as reference for teaching hence most of them will know instantly if you have copied your essay entirely by memorising it. It is simply not worth it, focus on memorising words and phrases (好词好句) that can be used in many cases.

3. Not learning from mistakes
Practice after practice without review and learning from your mistakes is no better than not practicing at all. Many students dump their exam papers into one corner immediately after finishing it, some do not even bother to mark their answers and see which questions they have gone wrong. It is best that you get a chinese tuition teacher to explain your mistakes to you. Simple mistakes such as not answering in complete sentences in comprehension, etc. can cost your unnecessary marks.

Exam Mistakes

1. Misreading of composition question
Known as a deadly mistake by many chinese teachers, a misreading or misinterpretation of the essay question can result in your essay being diverted hence fail to answer the question (离题). In most cases, passing the paper becomes a challenge when the essay doesn’t even meet the basic requirements of the question. There are many techniques to prevent this from happening but the possibility of students misreading questions cannot be eliminated.

In my creative writing classes for group tuition, I practice analysing many essay questions from past years and train the students to identify the requirements of the question.

2. Poor time management
If writing chinese words and reading chinese passages is a challenge for you then time management during exams becomes extremely important. Many students cannot complete the paper because they spend too much time trying to read and understand the passage, others take too long to write their answers. Nonetheless, time management is a skill that can be improved only through practice.

3. Writing too little
For chinese comprehension questions especially, the answers have to be longer than in english comprehension in order to qualify for the marks. However, most students write too little hence have too few points in their answers to get the full marks. The reason for that is because they do not know where to look for the answers.

Are you a victim of any of the mistakes mentioned above? I will cover the solutions to all of these common mistakes in my private tuition and group tuition classes. Sign up for a free trial lesson today!

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