Ways To Find Out If You Need Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Students and parents often use their most recent chinese exam results to determine if they should enrol in chinese enrichment or tuition classes. Although this is a fairly accurate method, not all students who score poor chinese grades require tuition, nor should all students who aced chinese forget about getting additional help. Below are some of the advice from experienced chinese tutors to help you determine if you need chinese tuition.

1. Your interest in chinese

How much do you like chinese? While most students in Singapore prefer English over chinese, they are still accepting of this language and come into contact with chinese through music, televison, movies, etc. fairly often. However, there are others who completely abhor chinese and the sight of chinese words or sound of chinese being spoken irrates them.

If you don’t mind listening to chinese and reading chinese (although you may not necessarily prefer it), your acceptance anf interest in chinese is considered average. Most singaporean students fall into this category and chinese tuition may be a good option for them.

If you like chinese and consistently come into contact with chinese. E.g. some students prefer chinese songs over English song. You are lucky and chinese tuition may not be necessary for you since you are likely able to push yourself to study chinese when exams are approaching.

If you completely abhor chinese and have almost no exposure to chinese, you should consider signing up for chinese tuition regardless of how unwilling you may be.

2. Trend of your grades

Find the 10 most recent chinese test papers or exam papers which you have completed and is marked and graded by a teacher. Analyse the trenf of your grades. If they are dropping or consistently bad, engaging the help of a chinese tutor may be a wise choice for you.

3. Do you have enough study resources?

Chinese study resources include exam notes, tips, practice papers, articles, compilation of idioms and good chinese phrases, etc. For those students who are severely lacking study resources for chinese, they should sign up for a chinese tuition class in tuition centres where there are likely to be more study materials and exam notes.

If you do have some study resource, you can also consider joining a chinese tuition class as most experienced chinese tutors would know which assessment books and model essay books to recommend for you.

4. How much time do you have?

From my experience teaching chinese for the past 10 years, I have met many students with busy schedules that are overwhelming yet they choose to sign up for tuition classes. If struggle to find time completing your school work and CCA committments, tuition may not be for you. School work always takes priority over tuition. Signing up for holiday classes or exam preparation classes may be a wiser choice if you are a busy person.

It’s your choice

If you realised that you need more help with chinese and willing to put in effort, chinese tuition can make your life a little easier. There are lots of tuition centres which offer chinese tuition. I wish you all the best for your exams!

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