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Weekly Lessons
Chinese lessons for private students are conducted once every week at student's house. Extra lessons can be scheduled before exams. All private students are also welcomed to join my group tuition at my tuition centre.


Personalised Teaching
Lessons for my private students are tailored to best suit his/her learning style and pace. E.g. More practice can be given if requested and more explanation is provided when asked. Feedback from students/parents is always welcomed.


Ample Study Materials
Online access to chinese worksheets, notes and exam papers will be given to all students so that they can revise at home. Answers are provided and explained. Students can also ask questions on the forum.



My Teaching Style


  • Many Singaporean students are weak at reading and understanding chinese text, this causes them to lose a lot of marks in the exams as many parts test the students ability to understand what the passage is saying, such as comprehension and cloze passages. The way to score high marks is to thoroughly understand what the passage and question is asking for.

    As such, I teach my students to recognise common chinese words that appear in passages and question and how to guess the meaning of the words. Many idioms (成语 & 谚语) will be explained so that students will learn its meaning and undertstand what the passage is talking about. I encourage my students to ask for explanation of words they don't understand.

  • Students who are weak in the fundamentals of chinese language often finds it hard to phrase their answers accurately, as such they lose marks since they miss out important points of the answer. Answering skills can be learnt very quickly through practice. There is a certain format to phrase your answers that helps gain marks and make the answer more complete.

    The best way to teach students how to answer comprehension, close passge and short answer questions accurately is by correcting their mistakes and show them the model answer. As such, I provide my students with ample practice which I will mark and explain to them their mistakes. Lastly, I encourage my students to analyse and learn from the model answer.

  • For students who are already good at chinese, writing good essays is effortless as they know the exact words and phrases to get their meaning across. However, most singaporean students use very basic words and phrases in their essays which causes them to score very low marks.

    Improving the quality of the essay cannot be done overnight. Improving the fundamentals in chinese requires a very long time hence I encourage students who want to improve their chinese essay grades to memorie certain phrases. These phrases are often versatile and can be used in many context. Certain 成语 and 彦语 that are common should also be memorised. In some chinese essays like 报章报导 for secondary school students, the 过度句 can be memorised entirely.

  • Oral is a very important component in chinese exams, however, most schools do not prepare their students for oral until the last minute when the exams are approaching. The 2 components of oral, reading and conversation, cannot be improved overnight.

    As a result, I encourage my students to read passages out loud during my tuition lessons so that I can correct their pronounciation and pace. To show my students how to improve their reading skills, I read the passages to them as much as I can. Conversation skills can be honed through practicing speaking chinese in daily lives. All my chinese tuition lessons are conducted entirely in chinese to encourage students to use chinese more often in their daily lives.



My chinese became very strong under mdm Zhu's teaching, she is very friendly and explain to me all the chinese phrases and words clearly, She taught me how to write essays better and read better, My chinese results improved a lot and I'm not scared of chinese exams anymore. I'm P6 and taking my PSLE this year.

Jia Kai - Primary 6, Ang Mo Kio Primary School
Private Tuition Student


I needed more practice for my chinese essay and oral as my chinese lessons in school was insufficient. 朱老师 gave me a lot of practice during the tuition lesson and before my exam she would arrange extra lessons with me to give me extra practice. I like listening to her explanation as it was very interesting and fun. The chinese notes that was given was very useful also.

Chong Ming - Secondary 3, ACS
Private Tuition Student



Mdm zhu's private tuition has helped me tremendously, I became her student in secondary 1 when I realised secondary school chinese was too difficult for me and I was struggling to pass. My chinese grades improved from D to B in 2 terms as mdm zhu taught me techniques to score well in exams. Getting an A is still difficult for me as my foundation is weak but I will continue to work hard.

Geraldine Ng - Secondary 2, CHIJ Toa Payoh
Private Tuition Student


Mrs Zhu teaching style is different from my school teacher, she specially slow down her teaching pace as I am a slow learner, whenever I have difficulty reading or understanding some chinese words she would explain the word until I understand its meaning. She is very understanding and friendly.

Pei Wen - Primary 5, Chua Chu Kang Primary School
Private Tuition Student



Group Tuition Location: Gen-Y Tuition Centre
chinese tuition

My chinese tuition lessons for group tuition is located at my own tuition centre at tampines. (other subjects are also available). Gen-Y tuition centre was established in 2003 and has since helped over 500 students improve their results. The small classrooms means that I can limit the number of students and keep the class focused. If you live near the area, I would be very happy to see you join my class. You can visit the website for more info.

Free trial lessons are available at my tuition centre for chinese (Group tuition only). All visits are welcomed, pls give me a call to arrange the timing before coming

Website: http://genytuition.com
HP: 98008926  |   Location: 201b tampines st 21
We are currently finding classrooms in other parts of SG to conduct lessons, Call 98008926 to learn about nearest location.


Lesson Timings (One-to-One Tuition)

I do not have a fixed schedule/time slot for one-to-one tuition as there might be request from my students for a change in time. Hence to find out lesson timings and arrange a suitable timing for private tuition, please fill up the form below OR call me at 98008926 (Mdm Zhu). (First come first serve basis).

Lesson timings for Group Tuition


Tuition Rates (One-to-One Tuition)

Tuition rates for one-to-one tuition is typically more expensive than group tuition (view tuition rates for group tuition). Tuition rates is subjected to changes depending on time constraints, The rates below serve as general guideline, pls submit the form below so that we can provide you with the latest rates or call 98008926 for more information (Mdm Zhu)

Primary 1-3 Chinese $30/hr onwards
Primary 4-6 Chinese $40/hr onwards

Sec 1-4 Chinese contact 98008926



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