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What Qualities Should A Good Chinese Tutor Possess

Finding a good chinese tuition teacher in singapore can be difficult. Good chinese tuition teachers, or rather, good tuition teachers in general, have certain qualities, skills, experience, teaching method that causes them to stand out from the rest of the tuition teachers. While most parents only look at qualifications when selecting tuition teachers, it is not the only criteria that affects how much your child will benefit from his/her lessons. Below are a few qualities that you should look out for to ensure your child get the most of of his/her chinese tuition.


Though it is a cliche phrase that “qualifications is not everything” you should still take into consideration your tutor’s academic background and credentials as it is direct measure of how much the tutor knows. There are many part-time students from Junior college or polytechnics and undergraduates who are looking for tuition jobs.

While the prices offered may be cheaper, students generally are unable to get a lot out of those lessons. This is beacause those part-time tutors do not have the relevant academic background nor strong knowledge of the subject to teach. The chinese tuition teacher should have at least a university degree and has relevant credentials in teaching chinese.


Experienced chinese tuition teachers have better knowledge on how to assist the student and guide him away from mistakes that are commonly made by chinese students. Experienced chinese tuition teachers will also have the essential resource to help the student prepare for chinese exams. 5-8 year teaching experience should be sufficient for the chinese tutor to be able to pinpoint key areas of weakness of the student and find ways to help the student improve.

Most importantly, experienced chinese tuition teachers know exam techniques and effective study methods that are valuable for students. Many experienced chinese tuition teachers are ex-MOE school teachers and normally charge higher fees.

Knowledge of syllabus and exam format

A good chinese tuition teacher should be well acquainted with the MOE syllabus for chinese as well as chinese exam format. Chinese MOE syllabus is constantly changing hence the chinese tuition teacher must keep up to date with the latest syllabus update.

Since the main goal of chinese tuition is to prepare students for chinese exams, chinese tuition teachers should know the requirements of the chinese exam reasonable well so as to focus on the tuition lessons on teaching the student how to fulfil those requirements. As a result, it is best that parents find a tuition teacher with experience teaching in MOE schools.


For weaker chinese students who need more help, chinese tuition teachers should be willing to spend more time to explain in detail and provide relevant examples. For inquisitive students, tuition teachers should be patient in answering his/her doubt. There are some chinese tuition teachers who are unwilling the reasoning behind certain model answers to students instead, they just provide the answers and demand that students decipher for themselves.


If your child has problems understanding basic chinese, it might be necessary to find a chinese tuition teacher who is able to speak both Chinese and English. Although it is not ideal for the child’s learning, explaning the chinese words in English might help the student in understanding faster.

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